About Us

By 32-year experience of its founder Mr. Ahmet YILMAZ; Umut Cıvata A.Ş. has started its commercial activities in 2004. As a family-owned business, Umut Cıvata A.Ş. has focused on innovations after the participation of new generations, renewed itself considering the necessities of the time, and so become an important supplier in Fittings and Hardware Sector.

Umut Cıvata A.Ş., which is currently providing services in 4200-m2-production center and 1500-m2-branch, performs Inventory Management properly thanks to Barcode Shelf System, and tries to meet 100% customer satisfaction by meeting the customers’ demands instantly.

Benefiting from the Gaziantep’s logistically important location, Umut Cıvata A.Ş. is able to deliver goods to 70% of Turkey, and meets the customers’ demands instantly.

Considering the fact that country development depends on the products with high added value, Umut Cıvata A.Ş. has commenced production in 2015 based on labor force; and continues working on new production facility planned to be put into operation in the second half of 2017.

By making no concessions on quality and being aware of its social responsibilities, Umut Cıvata A.Ş. continues its commercial activities with Honest, Hardworking and Visionary perspective.